What Is the Best Kind of Cage for a Gerbil?

People tend to keep a varied array of pets at their place. However, caring for pets comes with many pointers that need to be kept in mind. one such cute and furry pet that people love to keep at their place are gerbils. They are small but are social and thus have high energy. however, the first step towards petting a gerbil is to find the best cages for gerbils that they can live in. They are quite easy to take care of but one needs to pay attention to certain things to keep them healthy and also take them to veterinary every once to avoid diseases.

Taking care of gerbils

What Is the Best Kind of Cage for a Gerbil?

There are certain things that one should not ignore while choosing to take care of a pet gerbil:

  • Get a larger space for the gerbils to run around and stay active.
  • They chew and therefore avoid those things that they will bite and chew.
  • They are social animals and therefore do not keep them alone in secluded places.
  • One can get gerbil food from the store which will have all the needed nutrition. Also, home food like lettuce, hard-boiled eggs, cheese, peanuts can be given in smaller proportions only.
  • Keep the water clean and change them every day if possible.
  • For bedding choose good substrate like aspen wood shavings. Also, avoid cedar and pine wood shavings.
  • Change the bedding and clean them often to avoid microbial growth.
  • Also, clean the cage every 15 days with vinegar water to remove bad odor and bacteria. Avoid soap as it can lead to bad health of the gerbil.

Find the right cage

When choosing a home of the pets it is important to keep in mind their space, the health and the natural habitat of the animal. Therefore researching and choosing the right one can go a long way, also make it a point to invest in the good quality home so that one will not have to keep changing them time and again.

The most important thing that needs to be taken into consideration is the fact that artificial habitat should be closer in feel and look with the natural habitat. This will make sure that the gerbil is feeling naturally comfortable that will help in their growth cycle. also, it should easier to clean and hygiene maintenance should be easy to follow through. Various cages can be chosen form like the metal cages, plastic cages, terranium, and aquarium.

Types of cage

What Is the Best Kind of Cage for a Gerbil?

Various types of cages that are available for the gerbils are :

  • Terranium

These are quite helpful as it can give the natural habitat environment to the gerbils. One can add furniture and recreation additions for the gerbils and let them their fun. however many times one may find that terraniums are expensive. Also, it can be quite heavy to carry around. But if one is planning to invest in a spacious home for their gerbils then terraniums can be a good choice.

  • Cages

Cages are the most common ones to choose from the lot. Also, these cages are comparatively lees in price and thus are more affordable. Also, they are quite easy to carry and maintain. One can metal, wood and plastic cage, that one can choose from. but one of the things that can be stated as drawbacks is the fact that gerbils can bite the cage bars. Also, they dig and in this process, the substrate dirt can go outside.

Best cages for gerbils that can be chosen are:

  • Plastic cages

Plastic cages are made of transparent acrylic. The base is deep-seated with a removable tray. They are very much like aquariums as they are enclosed and transparent. But one thing about them is that they are quite light and also handling is easy as compared to heavy terraniums and aquariums. However one should be careful as the gerbils have strong teeth and can drill and thus can make a hole and escape.

  • Wire cages

These cages are open with wire bars. One can find many types of models of this type. The floor usually is plastic and can be removed and also makes sure that the substrate does not fall out. One can find various levels in these cages that increase the area and the scope of the better exercise for the gerbil also increases. One thing that should be considered while choosing a wore cage is the distance between the bars. Make sure that the head does not pass, otherwise the body will pass too.

  • Aquarium

Those who want a terranium for their gerbil, but want to save a few bucks can choose to a fish aquarium. The aquarium can be converted into a terranium by adding the needed landscape and substrate. Also, make sure that the aquarium lid has ventilation ports to keep the air circulating properly.

Choosing the right cage

What Is the Best Kind of Cage for a Gerbil?

A good gerbil cage is the one where the small furry pet will be comfortable and will enough space to move around. Always keep in mind the fact that the gerbils are mischievous and during its awake period is quite active as well. they love running, burrowing and climbing, thus the cage should be equipped for that so that they can showcase their activities properly.


The cage should be big and well ventilated. Also, it should be easy to maintain and clean. Also, the floor of the cage should have a solid base so that they can walk and run around easily without hurting themselves.

No plastics:

Avoid weak plastics as they will easily cut and chew them and will destroy the cage.


Also if possible geta cage with two or more floors with a gap of 13cm or more. This will allow the gerbil to jump around and will increase the space.

Proper set up:

Also the make sure that cage is chosen keeping in mind the fact where it will be kept so that it can fit properly.

No direct sunlight:

Also make sure that the gerbil cage is planned to b kept in a pace that is warm, yet should not have direct sunlight. Also, the place should not have too much hustle-bustle around it, but should not be too secluded as well.

Keep large animals away:

Keeping the cage away from the reach of other predator animals like cats who can harm the gerbils and also make them nervous.

Keep in mind the fact that having less space, or less activity in a cage for gerbils can lead to various behavioral and psychological problems in these pets. There can be a rise in compulsive behaviors, physical and mental stress, social instability and cannibalism as well.


Gerbils are cute and small and are great pets for small kids as they come with less responsibility. But one should not take them for granted and spent some time and effort in making sure that the gerbil is happy and comfortable. Choosing the right cage is forts step that will keep the rodent happy and healthy. also choose the right food, substrate, and toys to be an owner of a healthy gerbil.

What Cages Are Best for Guinea Pigs?

Guinea pig is a best companion, whereas like dogs and cats they are also a good pet to grow. You would like to become a pet owner, then you can prefer guinea pig which will be a best pet. To become a pet owner of guinea pig, you may give importance to learn the food habits to provide proper nutrition to them. Giving good feed only not your duty as you have to offer them a proper place to live so you need to have considerations on choosing the right cage. You may get confusion on choosing a cage for your little partner as there are different types of guinea pig cages. Offering a suitable cage for the guinea pig let them grow healthy and will have a happy living in it.

Features need to be considered for choosing guinea pig cage

What Cages Are Best for Guinea Pigs?

Many guinea pig cages were available in market even though there are cages that have been made especially for guinea pigs won’t meet their environmental needs. If you want to provide a best living space to your guinea pig then you have to consider certain features while buying. A small size cage is not appropriate for guinea pigs as they will be happy in a cage with large space. While a guinea pig requires 7.5 Sq. ft. of space or a 30” by 36” cage which will be perfect for them. Usually, the guinea pig cages were made in wood, plastic, metal or by combining these materials together. While some guinea pig chew the plastic or wood to make a way out of the cage. So it is necessary to look for the best material to shop the cage and in regular check the cage for damages.

Clean the cage

What Cages Are Best for Guinea Pigs?

To provide a healthy living to your guinea pig it is required to clean the cage often so prefer the one which is easy to clean. Then consider the doors and access points of the cage because it should be accessible for you to pick the pet. Good to choose the cage with hiding spaces as guinea pigs like to hide when they are overwhelmed and to sleep and with this you no need to get hideout separately. Select the cage which can be used at both indoor and outdoor also portable so that you can carry them wherever you want. Ventilation is very important so that there will be proper airflow in the cage which let’s guinea pigs to breath fresh air.

Also check the levels in the cages whereas it is good to prefer the one with flat surface as multi-level cages were not perfect for guinea pigs as it has the risk of fall and also they have fear of heights. Considering these features let you to know the best guinea pig cages to shop.

Top guinea pig cages to buy

What Cages Are Best for Guinea Pigs?

Living World Deluxe Habitat – It is a great choice for guinea pigs also it is affordable to shop. It is easy to clean as they come with detachable large plastic base and their large size makes guinea pig to feel like home.

Ware Manufacturing Home Sweet Home Pet Cage for Small Animals – It is a suitable cage for guinea pigs as their designing is simple and reliable. Made with thick, durable plastic and metal construction with extra deep base pan. It is easy to access and clean as well

Ferplast Krolik 140 Plus Cage – This cage apt for guinea pigs who likes privacy and it’s spacious. It provides easy access to hutch and large side door made easier for cleaning and getting in and out.

Where to shop the guinea pig cage?

What Cages Are Best for Guinea Pigs?

Guinea pig cages were available in the pet store and the pricing of the cages may differ according to their features. You can shop the best guinea pig cages for your guinea pig from the pet store near to your place. To make shopping of the guinea pig cage even easier and to make savings on the investment made on it then buying them in online is the best option. They were available in online pet store and in other shopping sites as well. Online store brings all kinds of guinea pig cages under a single window and they have listed out with the price. This let you to pick a suitable cage for your guinea pig and within your budget. The main benefit of shopping them in online is that you can able to save money by availing the discount or using the offers available.

Also with online you were able to shop the best guinea pig cages from the place where you are and the product will get delivered at your address itself. This will help to save your time also by making your shopping effortless.

Where to place the guinea pig cage?

What Cages Are Best for Guinea Pigs?

As a pet owner your responsibility is not over by picking a cage for your guinea pig while it is important that where you going to keep the cage. Need to consider several factors for choosing a place to keep the guinea pig cage are temperature, noise and socialization. Guinea pig can live in the temperature of 65-75 degrees Fahrenheit and not more than that so it is good to place their cage in the room with neutral temperature. Their cage shouldn’t be kept in direct sunlight and they need to be far from fireplaces.

Not only heat also have to consider about humidity also because places which are too humid leads to mold growth on their hay and bedding that causes them to become ill so temperature have to be noted before keeping the guinea pig cage. The hearing of guinea pig is very sensitive so their cage should be kept away from the objects that produce more sound. It is best to place the guinea pig cage in the family or living room as they will be benefited from socialization by being around the place of family activities and this let them to gain the exposure they want. Through offering a suitable cage and keeping those in a right place let your guinea pig to live in that happily and have a healthy growth.


It is the mission of Audrey’s Rescue Angels to help create a more humane and sustainable world for animals through education, advocacy, and promotion of respect and compassion. We believe that part of creating a more humane world for animals is helping reduce the over-pet population, thus reducing the amount of animals that end up in shelters. The best way we know how to accomplish this goal is by educating people on the importance of spaying and neutering!

Last week, we briefly touched upon the importance of spaying and neutering in our blog post about being a responsible pet parent. However, in honor of World Spay Day yesterday (yes, that’s really a thing) we wanted to highlight this issue even more by diving into the benefits and addressing some misconceptions that come with spaying and neutering.

We will be making some generalizations about spaying and neutering all pets, but this information especially pertains to dogs, cats, and rabbits. As always, please be sure to consult your vet about what is right for you and your pet.

Benefits of Spaying & Neutering:

  • Reduces unwanted pets:  1 unaltered animal can result in thousands of offspring over the course of several years
  • No heat cycles and reduces/eliminates the urge for pets to spray or mark with urine
  • Pets will have less desire to roam, therefore become less likely to be injured or lost
  • Decreases aggressive behavior
  • Helps pets live a longer and healthier life due to decreasing the risk of ovarian and testicular cancer


  • “Altering my pet will also alter their behavior.” While a benefit of spaying and neutering is that some animals will become less aggressive, other behavioral traits (loyalty, lovingness, and so many more) will not be affected.
  • “Spaying and neutering will make my pet fat.” Not true at all! Weight gain is caused by excess calories. If you continue to give your pet a proper diet with ample exercise, excess weight gain will not be an issue.
  • “The procedure will hurt.” Just like most surgeries, spaying and neutering is safe and relatively painless when performed by a registered veterinarian.
  • “Puppies/kittens/etc. are so cute, it will be just one litter, and they will all go to good homes.”  Each time you purposely breed your pet, other animals are waiting elsewhere in a shelter (and possibly facing euthanasia) because of no available home.

Prove your love and devotion to animals by being part of the solution, not the problem. You can save hundreds of animals by spaying or neutering your pet, all while giving your furry friend a happier, longer, and healthier life.  Now that sounds like a win-win to us!


It seems like there is a day/week/month for EVERYTHING these days. Literally. While some can seem a bit silly, others can offer times of recognition, and I am all for raising awareness and educating people about important causes.

It just so happens that February is Responsible Pet Owners Month, and this is something that we can totally get behind. While this notion of being responsible might seem like common sense to some, we wanted to share a few tips and thoughts to those who might be considering getting their first pet and are wondering what it entails (and we of course hope you’re considering finding your next furry friend at the local animal shelter).

Becoming a pet parent is a lifelong commitment and this responsibility should not be taken lightly. While being Mom or Dad to a fur baby should be taken seriously, there are some very easy steps that we should all take to ensure a long and happy life together!

  1. We can’t stress it enough – please make sure to spay or neuter your dog, cat, or rabbit (consult your vet regarding other small or exotic animals). Each day, there are more and more unwanted animals showing up at shelters and being surrendered due to no fault of their own. To help control the unwanted pet population from getting worse, spaying or neutering is the most effective way. The ASPCA estimates that 7 million animals enter shelters nationwide each year and sadly 2.9 of them are euthanized. Be apart of the solution, not the problem.
  2. Annual veterinary checkups are critical to your pet’s happiness and are a very important part of being a responsible pet parent. Just like us, pets can have a wide range of issues and all are usually very treatable with proper and early detection. If you are concerned about cost, you can always look into one of the many amazing insurance companies, such as TruPanion, that help cover routine visits (and so much more)!!!
  3. Make sure to ID and/or microchip your pet. Current ID tags on your dog or cats collar can help bring them home safe and sound if they wander out of your sight. Also, talk to your vet and consider a microchip for your pet. If your pet is ever lost or stolen, a quick scan will provide rescuers with your contact information and can help ensure a very happy ending.
  4. Animals are curious by nature, especially in their younger years, so it is critical to pet-proof your home. Some hazards are a bit more obvious than others (we can all probably agree that those exposed wires are not the best idea, right?) but are you familiar with the common houseplants that are toxic to animals? For a complete list of these hidden dangers, read more here.
  5. Just like us, what we feed our pet is incredibly important. Animals also need a balanced diet and as responsible pet parents, we should be careful of weight gain to avoid issues such as diabetes, heart disease, and so many more.
  6. As a Mom of both fur kids and a human version, I have realized how similar they are in theory when it comes to being responsible and prepared.  I ask people this all the time: “If you were having a human baby, wouldn’t you read the books and take the pre-parenting classes”? Nine out of then people say “yes.” Then I ask them, why would it be any different if they are becoming a pet parent for the first time? As we stated in the beginning, bringing home a new pet (or simply a new breed/species for the first time) requires the same amount of preparation. Please take the time to consider where the animal will sleep, eat, and play. Who will care for them when you are away? Will you need to hire a dog walker? What will you do if an emergency arises? Will you take the time to go to puppy classes or behavior classes if needed? I urge everyone to ask themselves these very important questions before you bring home your new companion. Perhaps, if some people were a bit more prepared, fewer unwanted animals would end up in shelters.

Opening your home to a furry companion is one of the best things you can possibly do (in our humble opinion)!  They provide years of unconditional love, companionship, and provide indisputable health benefits. While choosing to own a pet is a decision that should not be taken lightly, we ALL have the potential to be responsible pet owners. Let’s take this month to be extra responsible and encourage others to join us too!


‘Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house, not a creature was stirring…except for all of your pets! With Hanukkah already here, and Christmas right around the corner, your house is likely decorated (or about to be!) for the holiday season. As wonderful as they make your home look, some of our favorite holiday decorations can pose some dangers for your pets. Thanks to the American Humane Association, we’ve got some helpful tips for keeping your animals safe this holiday season.

Holiday Safety Tips

  • Christmas Trees:  We’ve all seen it before, you bring the outdoors inside and suddenly your cat goes back to his ancestral roots and decides to go for a climb. Make sure your tree is anchored securely. That way, even if Fluffy does become an adventure-seeker, your tree doesn’t come crashing down on top of him.
  • Holiday House Plants: Lilies, Poinsettias, Mistletoe, Holly, and certain types of Ivy are just some of the decorative plants that can possibly harm your pets. This doesn’t mean you can’t have them in your home, but be sure to keep them far out of the reach of your furry friends.
  • Candles and Lights: It’s the season of lights, but one swipe of a tail can lead to broken glass or even worse. Be sure to keep candles away from the floor or anywhere your pet might jump to, and since some strings of your Christmas lights are probably hanging on the bottom of your tree or windows, keep a close eye out to make sure they don’t become a dangerous chew toy.
  • Tinsel, Ribbons and Bows: Your cat might think these look like fun, but small decorations such as ornaments and tinsel can pose a choking hazard. If they are dangling off your tree or presents, just be sure to keep them out of reach of your pets.

We hope you and your favorite animals have a safe and happy holiday season! And if you’re looking for some pet friendly holiday fun, please join us tonight for Pet Photo Night with Santa hosted by the Shops at Prudential Center.  You can bring your four-legged friend to have their picture with Santa and we’ll be on site personalizing copies of Rescue Pets of Boston to help you check off your holiday shopping list!  We’re thrilled to partner with the Pru for a great cause – spreading love to local animals in need!

Happy Holidays from all of us at Audrey’s Rescue Angels!


You have hopefully seen us talking about our book, Rescue Pets of Boston: At Home with the City’s Luckiest Pets, but do you know the back story of how it came to be?  This book was our first official fundraising project for Audrey’s Rescue Angels, but it truly represents so much more.

Rescue Pets of Boston was self-published by Audrey’s Rescue Angels founder, Brittany Bang, and Boston photographer, Li Ward, of Fat Orange Cat Studio.  Brittany and Li had worked together on several small projects throughout the years when Brittany had her retail store on Newbury Street, and their working relationship grew into a friendship as they bonded over their love of small business, long boozy lunches, and of course cats.  When Brittany found out that she was being forced to close her store due to an excessive rent increase, Li was one of her biggest supporters.

One day, over a long lunch, Brittany asked Li if she would consider working on a photography book together.  The book would be all about rescue pets.  It would attempt to show that rescues are all beautiful, special, and unique through the power of stunning photography.  The book would benefit the animals who were still waiting to find their forever homes as 100% of the proceeds would go to rescue groups and animal welfare charities.  Much to Brittany’s amazement, Li agreed without hesitation, and the duo started working immediately in the spring of 2013.

Rescue Pets of Boston is so much more than a book.  It represents countless of hours of blood, sweat, and tears.  The process of self-publishing this book was more challenging than we had ever expected, but also more rewarding.  To see the faces of someone looking though the book for the first time, and being inspired by these once homeless animals, is more gratifying than you could ever imagine.  But what is truly the greatest gift of all is being able to donate so much money back to our charitable partners.

Please remember that this truly is the gift that keeps on giving.  Not only will this book be a beautiful gift to give (or receive), but it will also make a HUGE impact in the lives of homeless animals.

Top reasons Rescue Pets of Boston makes a great holiday gift:

  1. 100% of the proceeds will be donated to local animal related charities – so you’ll be giving twice!
  2. Someone reading your copy of Rescue Pets of Boston could be inspired to adopt a pet. You’ll not only be supporting local animal charities, but helping a four-legged friend find their forever home.
  3. Don’t you know a coffee table that could use a little jazzing up?
  4. Reading the stories of local rescue pets together is a great way to teach kids about pet adoption.
  5. By supporting this book, you’re also helping the numerous local artisans and small businesses who helped make this project possible.

Rescue Pets of Boston embodies everything we do here at Audrey’s Rescue Angels. We would love if you’d consider buying a copy this holiday season.  We are so excited that in addition to purchasing our book online, you have two fantastic opportunities coming up where Li and I will be hosting Photos with Santa and personally signing books just in time for the holidays.  Please consider joining us at the South End Buttery on Saturday, December 5th from 11-1pm or again on Wednesday, December 9th at the Prudential Center from 6-8pm.