Audrey’s Rescue Angels is thrilled to introduce a new program we will be kicking off called “Foster Funds”. Foster homes are such an integral part of the rescue world and something that we believe doesn’t get enough attention. Foster homes are critical to saving and rehabbing animals that might not otherwise get the second change they deserve. So many of these selfless people take in animal after animal, and care for them until they find their forever home, with many of the expenses coming out of pocket. They do this without question because of their love and dedication to the cause, but it often comes with financial strains. Each quarter we will be introducing a new “Foster Funds” recipient and we couldn’t be more proud to share with you our inaugural beneficiary, Danielle Murr.


She might be a radio hot shot by day, but after the microphones are turned off, Danielle Murr focuses 100% of her attention on the less fortunate animals who need her the most. I had the privilege to talk to Danielle recently and asked her where she finds her “foster fur kids” and who she tends to gravitate towards. “As far as dogs go, I rescue the broken ones” said Murr. “The ones whose families had them their whole lives, and then turned on them in their time of need: old age. When it comes to cats, my focus is on pregnant moms and abandoned kittens to need to be hand raised.” Even though the schedule can be demanding, bottle feeding kittens throughout the night or walking dogs on different schedules based on their needs, she wouldn’t trade it for anything. “I love it because every foster in my care means there’s one less animal struggling or living a pained life without the love and care they need. There is nothing better than the deep sigh of an animal who knows they have been saved.” We will be announcing a series of mini fundraisers over the next several months for Danielle and her foster efforts but I urge you all to help kick off this great program by considering donating today.