We believe that respect and compassion for animals starts at a young age.  We want to encourage children to learn about volunteering their time, the importance of rescue work, and how to give back.   Here are several ideas and pointers on how to get your kids involved in animal welfare!   We look forward to developing more programs in the future aimed for children so please check back and let us know if you have any stories or suggestions you would like to share with us!


  • Accept donations at a birthday party to send to a rescue shelter, instead of presents.
  • Hold a lemonade stand and donate the money to a rescue shelter.
  • Visit your local animal shelter, and encourage your parents to consider adopting.
  • Hold a food drive for rescue pets and donate to your local animal shelter.


  • Remember pets are living creatures!  They are just as sensitive as we are!
    • Always ask before petting someone else’s animal.
    • Don’t approach a pet while he or she is eating or chewing on a toy.
    • If you’re about to pet an animal, reach out your hand first so he or she can sniff it – so that they feel more comfortable with you.
    • Be careful not to touch your pets’ eyes when petting them.
    • Always pet an animal gently and don’t pull or tug their tail or ears.


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