In November 2013, Audrey’s Rescue Angels launched their first official fundraising project – a photography book entitled Rescue Pets of Boston. Founder Brittany Bang approached her friend and Boston photographer, Li Ward of Fat Orange Cat Studio, to team up and produce this book showcasing beautiful photos and success stories of animals that have been given the greatest gift of all – a second chance. The project aimed to show people the good that can come out of rescuing and help change any negative perceptions that people may have of shelter pets being dirty or damaged.

“Our goal was for people to look through this beautiful book and think ‘Hey, I want a dog, cat, bunny, or guinea pig just like that!  I didn’t know I could find that perfect pet at a shelter,'” says Bang.

100% of proceeds from Rescue Pets of Boston sales goes directly back to five local Massachusetts based animal welfare organization:  The Gifford Cat Shelter, Fairy Dog Parents, One Tail at a Time Rescue, MSPCA-Angell, and Animal Rescue League of Boston.

Visit the Rescue Pets of Boston website here.

“I think this book is such a magnificent touchstone for those who love animals AND the city of Boston”

— Erin Gates of Elements of Style