What Cages Are Best for Guinea Pigs?

Guinea pig is a best companion, whereas like dogs and cats they are also a good pet to grow. You would like to become a pet owner, then you can prefer guinea pig which will be a best pet. To become a pet owner of guinea pig, you may give importance to learn the food habits to provide proper nutrition to them. Giving good feed only not your duty as you have to offer them a proper place to live so you need to have considerations on choosing the right cage. You may get confusion on choosing a cage for your little partner as there are different types of guinea pig cages. Offering a suitable cage for the guinea pig let them grow healthy and will have a happy living in it.

Features need to be considered for choosing guinea pig cage

What Cages Are Best for Guinea Pigs?

Many guinea pig cages were available in market even though there are cages that have been made especially for guinea pigs won’t meet their environmental needs. If you want to provide a best living space to your guinea pig then you have to consider certain features while buying. A small size cage is not appropriate for guinea pigs as they will be happy in a cage with large space. While a guinea pig requires 7.5 Sq. ft. of space or a 30” by 36” cage which will be perfect for them. Usually, the guinea pig cages were made in wood, plastic, metal or by combining these materials together. While some guinea pig chew the plastic or wood to make a way out of the cage. So it is necessary to look for the best material to shop the cage and in regular check the cage for damages.

Clean the cage

What Cages Are Best for Guinea Pigs?

To provide a healthy living to your guinea pig it is required to clean the cage often so prefer the one which is easy to clean. Then consider the doors and access points of the cage because it should be accessible for you to pick the pet. Good to choose the cage with hiding spaces as guinea pigs like to hide when they are overwhelmed and to sleep and with this you no need to get hideout separately. Select the cage which can be used at both indoor and outdoor also portable so that you can carry them wherever you want. Ventilation is very important so that there will be proper airflow in the cage which let’s guinea pigs to breath fresh air.

Also check the levels in the cages whereas it is good to prefer the one with flat surface as multi-level cages were not perfect for guinea pigs as it has the risk of fall and also they have fear of heights. Considering these features let you to know the best guinea pig cages to shop.

Top guinea pig cages to buy

What Cages Are Best for Guinea Pigs?

Living World Deluxe Habitat – It is a great choice for guinea pigs also it is affordable to shop. It is easy to clean as they come with detachable large plastic base and their large size makes guinea pig to feel like home.

Ware Manufacturing Home Sweet Home Pet Cage for Small Animals – It is a suitable cage for guinea pigs as their designing is simple and reliable. Made with thick, durable plastic and metal construction with extra deep base pan. It is easy to access and clean as well

Ferplast Krolik 140 Plus Cage – This cage apt for guinea pigs who likes privacy and it’s spacious. It provides easy access to hutch and large side door made easier for cleaning and getting in and out.

Where to shop the guinea pig cage?

What Cages Are Best for Guinea Pigs?

Guinea pig cages were available in the pet store and the pricing of the cages may differ according to their features. You can shop the best guinea pig cages for your guinea pig from the pet store near to your place. To make shopping of the guinea pig cage even easier and to make savings on the investment made on it then buying them in online is the best option. They were available in online pet store and in other shopping sites as well. Online store brings all kinds of guinea pig cages under a single window and they have listed out with the price. This let you to pick a suitable cage for your guinea pig and within your budget. The main benefit of shopping them in online is that you can able to save money by availing the discount or using the offers available.

Also with online you were able to shop the best guinea pig cages from the place where you are and the product will get delivered at your address itself. This will help to save your time also by making your shopping effortless.

Where to place the guinea pig cage?

What Cages Are Best for Guinea Pigs?

As a pet owner your responsibility is not over by picking a cage for your guinea pig while it is important that where you going to keep the cage. Need to consider several factors for choosing a place to keep the guinea pig cage are temperature, noise and socialization. Guinea pig can live in the temperature of 65-75 degrees Fahrenheit and not more than that so it is good to place their cage in the room with neutral temperature. Their cage shouldn’t be kept in direct sunlight and they need to be far from fireplaces.

Not only heat also have to consider about humidity also because places which are too humid leads to mold growth on their hay and bedding that causes them to become ill so temperature have to be noted before keeping the guinea pig cage. The hearing of guinea pig is very sensitive so their cage should be kept away from the objects that produce more sound. It is best to place the guinea pig cage in the family or living room as they will be benefited from socialization by being around the place of family activities and this let them to gain the exposure they want. Through offering a suitable cage and keeping those in a right place let your guinea pig to live in that happily and have a healthy growth.