What Is the Best Kind of Cage for a Gerbil?

People tend to keep a varied array of pets at their place. However, caring for pets comes with many pointers that need to be kept in mind. one such cute and furry pet that people love to keep at their place are gerbils. They are small but are social and thus have high energy. however, the first step towards petting a gerbil is to find the best cages for gerbils that they can live in. They are quite easy to take care of but one needs to pay attention to certain things to keep them healthy and also take them to veterinary every once to avoid diseases.

Taking care of gerbils

What Is the Best Kind of Cage for a Gerbil?

There are certain things that one should not ignore while choosing to take care of a pet gerbil:

  • Get a larger space for the gerbils to run around and stay active.
  • They chew and therefore avoid those things that they will bite and chew.
  • They are social animals and therefore do not keep them alone in secluded places.
  • One can get gerbil food from the store which will have all the needed nutrition. Also, home food like lettuce, hard-boiled eggs, cheese, peanuts can be given in smaller proportions only.
  • Keep the water clean and change them every day if possible.
  • For bedding choose good substrate like aspen wood shavings. Also, avoid cedar and pine wood shavings.
  • Change the bedding and clean them often to avoid microbial growth.
  • Also, clean the cage every 15 days with vinegar water to remove bad odor and bacteria. Avoid soap as it can lead to bad health of the gerbil.

Find the right cage

When choosing a home of the pets it is important to keep in mind their space, the health and the natural habitat of the animal. Therefore researching and choosing the right one can go a long way, also make it a point to invest in the good quality home so that one will not have to keep changing them time and again.

The most important thing that needs to be taken into consideration is the fact that artificial habitat should be closer in feel and look with the natural habitat. This will make sure that the gerbil is feeling naturally comfortable that will help in their growth cycle. also, it should easier to clean and hygiene maintenance should be easy to follow through. Various cages can be chosen form like the metal cages, plastic cages, terranium, and aquarium.

Types of cage

What Is the Best Kind of Cage for a Gerbil?

Various types of cages that are available for the gerbils are :

  • Terranium

These are quite helpful as it can give the natural habitat environment to the gerbils. One can add furniture and recreation additions for the gerbils and let them their fun. however many times one may find that terraniums are expensive. Also, it can be quite heavy to carry around. But if one is planning to invest in a spacious home for their gerbils then terraniums can be a good choice.

  • Cages

Cages are the most common ones to choose from the lot. Also, these cages are comparatively lees in price and thus are more affordable. Also, they are quite easy to carry and maintain. One can metal, wood and plastic cage, that one can choose from. but one of the things that can be stated as drawbacks is the fact that gerbils can bite the cage bars. Also, they dig and in this process, the substrate dirt can go outside.

Best cages for gerbils that can be chosen are:

  • Plastic cages

Plastic cages are made of transparent acrylic. The base is deep-seated with a removable tray. They are very much like aquariums as they are enclosed and transparent. But one thing about them is that they are quite light and also handling is easy as compared to heavy terraniums and aquariums. However one should be careful as the gerbils have strong teeth and can drill and thus can make a hole and escape.

  • Wire cages

These cages are open with wire bars. One can find many types of models of this type. The floor usually is plastic and can be removed and also makes sure that the substrate does not fall out. One can find various levels in these cages that increase the area and the scope of the better exercise for the gerbil also increases. One thing that should be considered while choosing a wore cage is the distance between the bars. Make sure that the head does not pass, otherwise the body will pass too.

  • Aquarium

Those who want a terranium for their gerbil, but want to save a few bucks can choose to a fish aquarium. The aquarium can be converted into a terranium by adding the needed landscape and substrate. Also, make sure that the aquarium lid has ventilation ports to keep the air circulating properly.

Choosing the right cage

What Is the Best Kind of Cage for a Gerbil?

A good gerbil cage is the one where the small furry pet will be comfortable and will enough space to move around. Always keep in mind the fact that the gerbils are mischievous and during its awake period is quite active as well. they love running, burrowing and climbing, thus the cage should be equipped for that so that they can showcase their activities properly.


The cage should be big and well ventilated. Also, it should be easy to maintain and clean. Also, the floor of the cage should have a solid base so that they can walk and run around easily without hurting themselves.

No plastics:

Avoid weak plastics as they will easily cut and chew them and will destroy the cage.


Also if possible geta cage with two or more floors with a gap of 13cm or more. This will allow the gerbil to jump around and will increase the space.

Proper set up:

Also the make sure that cage is chosen keeping in mind the fact where it will be kept so that it can fit properly.

No direct sunlight:

Also make sure that the gerbil cage is planned to b kept in a pace that is warm, yet should not have direct sunlight. Also, the place should not have too much hustle-bustle around it, but should not be too secluded as well.

Keep large animals away:

Keeping the cage away from the reach of other predator animals like cats who can harm the gerbils and also make them nervous.

Keep in mind the fact that having less space, or less activity in a cage for gerbils can lead to various behavioral and psychological problems in these pets. There can be a rise in compulsive behaviors, physical and mental stress, social instability and cannibalism as well.


Gerbils are cute and small and are great pets for small kids as they come with less responsibility. But one should not take them for granted and spent some time and effort in making sure that the gerbil is happy and comfortable. Choosing the right cage is forts step that will keep the rodent happy and healthy. also choose the right food, substrate, and toys to be an owner of a healthy gerbil.